A lot has changed since my last post. I’ve spent most of the time between then and now focused on being available to help a family member. That availability included my wife and I moving from my home of almost 35 years to a place I wasn’t very familiar with. I’ve gone for a few drives with my camera but, comparing the number of images shot since the move to the number shot before the move shows that I haven’t spent much time on photography. Sadly, the family member we moved to be able to help, has passed on. Though not unexpected, this change has left me somewhat unfocused. In an effort to move forward and in conjunction with the new year, I’ve resolved to dust off my camera, charge the batteries and shoot more.

Today, I stepped out my front door into the cold January air to find that every tree, shrub, and weed in view was covered with frost. I shot this particular weed quickly, not spending the time I should’ve checking for focus. Back in the warmth of my house, I realized that only three or four of the branches are in focus, but I’m ok with that. It’s through the search for focus that we look closer until even a few frosty branches of a weed become beautiful.

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