Bear Lake Sunrise & The Best Camera

To begin this post, I’ll address the topic of the best camera. I’m sure most photographers have an opinion on what that is. My philosophy is, I’ll use what I like, you use what you like. One thing I do feel strongly about and will preach to anyone who’ll listen is, the best camera is the one that’s with you. This isn’t my own idea and I’m not taking credit for it, I’m just saying it’s true.

This was the view from my tent door while attending a leadership seminar at a scout camp on the west shore of Bear Lake. On the third day of the seminar, I woke up to the sound of geese flying over the trees. A few minutes later, a second group flew by. Assuming there might be more geese fly by and hoping to see them, I pulled on my clothes and got out of my tent. I looked to the west where the geese had been coming from and then to the east in the direction they’d gone. At that instant, the sun was just peaking over the horizon. I grabbed the best camera, the iPhone in my pocket, and snapped this photo. If I’d left my phone in the tent and had to take even one minute to find it and get back to this spot, the split second when the sun burst over the skyline would have been gone and I would have missed the shot. Remember, you’ll miss every shot you see if you don’t have a camera with you.

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